• On-staff handymen will come to your home to attend to problems and tasks that are too small for most contractors, but too big for many seniors to handle on their own.
  • This is a low-cost service payable on an hourly basis, not a per task basis.
  • We offer a Senior Modification Assessment, where we will recommend improvements to your home that make it safer for seniors. We can complete these improvements for a low price. 

Senior Handyman Services

There are always common household tasks that are too much for most seniors to handle, but too small to hire a contractor. Through our Senior Handyman service, we inexpensively handle all of these tasks for you. From changing ceiling fan light bulbs, to replacing door knobs, to fixing a leaky faucet, our on-staff handyman will charge you by the hour, and will handle as many small tasks as you need.  Our unique payment plan can also include a pre-paid fixed dollar amount allotted per month or per year, and we are at your beckoned call whenever you need us. 

Affordable Senior Care Services© also offers our Senior Home Modification assessment, where we will assess the condition of your home and make recommendations on both simple and structural improvements that can be made to create a more “senior friendly” living environment. We will also provide a cost estimate to complete these improvements, but you are under no obligation to make all or any of the recommended improvements. Some examples of common modifications to make the home safer and more accessible are:

  • Hand rail installation near all bath tubs and toilets
  • Slip resistant permanent mats in the shower
  • Replace knobs with handles on faucets and drawers
  • Laundry chute from second floor
  • Telephone line installation next to bed
  • High wattage light fixtures installed in darker areas